A foodful History about Neon lights

As you drive through LA you will be greeted by impressive neon signs, like the Angel City Brewery sign that is located in Los Angeles Art District. Dave’s Signs was responsible for creating it. It’s been more than 100 year since these signs were created. Let’s go back in history to learn more about neon lights. Transform your space with a unique aesthetic neon sign for sale!

1855 – Illuminated Glass Tubes

Many believe that Georges Claude introduced neon signage early in the 20th century. But it was actually created from illuminated tubes made of light glass at the beginning of the 19th. Heinrich Geissler from Germany, was the first to experiment with mercury-filled glasses tubes. Geissler ignited an electrical charge with electrodes. The tubes began glimmering. The tubes began to glow with a soft yellow glow but was not stable enough in constant lighting. These neon signs are some of the most prominent in Los Angeles.

1894- Neon Detected

British chemist Sir William Ramsay was the one who made the important discovery that would lead to the 20th century. Ramsey created a new category of elements and isolated six noble gases (neon included). Ramsay was awarded the Chemistry Nobel Prize.

1902 First Neon Light

Georges Claude is a French chemist. He experimented the Geissler procedure of charging glass tubes with combustibles. He was selling neon lamps within a decade.

1920s–Neon in USA

A Los Angeles Packard dealer bought 250,000 dollars worth of large neon signs in 1923. The neon signs were common by the time that Interstate Highway was popularized in late 1950s. Transform your space with a unique aesthetic neon sign for sale!

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