A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers: LED NEON Lights

So you have chosen to live in a bright and colorful world.

Before we get going, it’s great to meet you. We are NEONIST international manufacturer of LED neon signs. We have been helping to brighten the world for six years. Most of our business activities revolve around the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong (“Land of the Neons”)

We opened a second studio in Tampa Florida, because “there’s no home like home” and wanted to share our expertise and the raw materials used worldwide with American consumers.

We’ve seen a lot more confusion and lack of understanding about LED neon sign. We decided to do what we are best at – dive into LED neon signs and their benefits to your business.

What is LED NEON exactly?


LED has many benefits over older lighting sources. Their energy consumption and lifespan are shorter, they are more durable and resilient, and their physical size and safety make them safer to touch. These are just some reasons why LED signs gained immense popularity recently. They are quickly becoming more popular and popular than the brightly lit glass neon signs.

NEON is an orange-red inert gasoline that fills glass tubes and shines when used with high-voltage electrical current. This technology has allowed different-shaped messages and letters to shine brightly since 1980.

The result is a nostalgic-looking neon sign made from a PVC hollow pipe and small LED lightbulbs. This type is called a LED NEON SIGN.

The Neighbors LED NEONIsn’t always greener


Like everything else, neon LED signs also come in a wide variety of qualities.

Practically speaking, you may find the same neon-colored LED design sold by different companies. However, there are price differences between them of hundreds of thousands or even thousands. Before you claim to have gotten a cheaper quote elsewhere and then you do, here are some important differences.

1. LIFESPAN-LED lightbulbs have a life expectancy of 1,000 hours. There are also LED lightbulbs with a life span of 60,000.
The NEONIST works with industrial-grade, neon. We offer signs with a minimum operating life of 50,000 hours. We do NOT use low-quality products.

2. BACKING – Professional neon LED signs use acrylic backing. However, signs made from cheaper materials will include backing made from polycarbonate and clear plastic.

3. WORK QUALITY: Neon signs are handmade by hand. It can be difficult to consistently produce customized products that are the same as one another, just like with handmade products. Products that are not carefully manufactured may have connectors full of glue, crooked words, electrical issues, which can affect the sign’s lifespan… or other problems.

4. WORK METHOD – There are currently two ways to make neon LED signs by hand:
First: Glue is used to attach LED pipes to an acrylic backing. This is the cheapest way, but amateur work can cause the design to be slanted or full of glue leftovers.
The second: cutting (What are we using) – The acrylics are cut with a CNC. The LED is then installed directly into the acrylic backing. This results in cleaner work, better precision, and uniform lighting.

5. STANDARDIZATION IS KEY! Safety permits and stamps by standards association stamps are crucial for every electrical appliance brought into your home or office. It is important to ensure that the LED as well as the transformer conforms to US standards. THE NEONIST meets stringent RoSH CE safety standards.

6. WARRANTY- Although no one wants to spend thousands on a product, there are many cases where a warranty is not included. Low-quality light bulbs, such as LEDs, can have a short life span. Neonist offers a full warranty for all electric parts for 24 months.

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