Why Faux Neon Signs Are the Perfect Way to Showcase Your Logo


A neon logo can be a great way to increase brand awareness. Strong branding and a great logo can have many benefits. They will help you connect with new audiences, stand out from your competitors and reflect your brand values and goals. Good logos are easy to remember.


Our faux neon signs are light which is one of their greatest assets. They are lightweight, making them easy to transport. A faux neon sign can be a great way to stand out among other businesses if your business is frequently on the road selling your products or promoting them at markets. You’ll be able to quickly and easily transport your sign from one location to another.


There are many design options for our faux neon signs. allows for more design freedom than traditional neon. This is one of the main reasons LED is so popular. Traditional neon is retro-inspired, but the design options are limited. Because they are made from glass tubes and must be bent, this is because of the limited designs. Faux neon signs can be made with LED flex, which comes in a variety of colors. You can create almost any design with LED flex.

They are SAFE

LED neon signs are also safer and last longer than traditional neon signs. Traditional neon signs are made with glass and inert gas, which means they pose a greater risk of breaking. LED neon signs, however, are more durable and heat-resistant than traditional neon.

They are instagrammable

The digital age is a time when first impressions are everything. It’s a simple way to stand out on social media by having your logo turned into faux neon signs. If you have a bakery, take photos of your cakes and other goodies in front of the LED neon signs. This will also help with digital brand awareness. Afflicting a faux neon sign on your business can encourage people to share it online.

Chelsea wanted a faux neon sign to go with her new salon. We were able to create a digital visual of her logo from it. After the design was approved, it was time to start manufacturing. Our CNC Machine cut the sign and then our skilled assembly team manufactured it. The sign is stunning and perfectly on-brand for Chelsea’s Salon.

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