Neonza Studio: Your Go-To Destination for High-Quality Neon Signs in India

The best-LED neon signs on the market today are very durable. Customers have concerns about the durability of custom LED neon signs and how they will live in the environment where they will use them. What good is buying custom neon signs if the sign breaks before it leaves the packaging? The following points can be used to check the durability of NeonsignIndia.

1. You are safe

  • Neonza LED Neon signage can also be safely handled. LED Neon signage has a lower impact than traditional neon signage. It will not shatter and can cut you on the impact.
  • Our signs also meet international requirements and comply with local standards.
  • Neonza has designed a unique polymer tube for their LED Neon sign that can be bent and turned to avoid it snapping.
  • The LED Neon’s glossy surface resists scratching and breaking, so light shines through it with no interference.
  • This flexibility allows us the freedom to design any design you may want. Our workshop staff can bend the LED neon into the shape you want, and then attach it with efficiency and professionalism to your backing board.
  • It is more difficult and more costly to change the shape of glass tubing than with traditional glass Neon. Because it needs to be heated, modifications cannot be made.
  • The traditional glass Neon isn’t as strong as the Innovative Neon Flex. However, it’s also less durable than the Neon Flex.
  • The Neonza workshop team can waterproof LED Neon signs according to specific standards. LED Neon signs outside are required to have waterproofing. Rain can affect the LEDs inside.
  • It all depends on the situation and location of your neon sign. You may also be able to waterproof indoor signs that might come in direct contact with water.
  • We seal every opening in the LED Neon to make sure that water cannot enter the polymer tube.
  • Neonza studio will ensure your LED Neon sign remains lit no matter the weather conditions. Even in the rain, Neonza studio can help.
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