Pros and Cons of LED Neon vs. Glass Neon Signs: Making the Best Choice

Welcome to the blog of The Neonist! If you are reading this article, then you most likely love neon. Electric colors and vibes are making a comeback, having been around since the 1980s.

Oh! We would illuminate the whole planet with neons, if only! The world could be made kinder, more cheerful, and more fun by all this coolness. We are not discouraged and are continuing to move toward our mission of spreading neon joy throughout the world.

We want to tell you today a little more about LED neon signs (or “cool” neon signs), what they are and how they are different than traditional neons, as well as why this is such great news.

What does LED stand for?

LED, or a Light-Emitting Diode, is a relatively young lighting technology. It offers many benefits over traditional light sources such as lower energy consumption. Longer life expectancy, higher physical toughness, smaller size, and faster switching. LED signs are becoming more popular than traditional neons because they can be used faster and consume less energy.

What Is Neon?

Neon is an unusual gas. It is used to fill the tubes that hold original glass signs, from the ’80s up until today.

Neon gas produces a bright, reddish-orange light that is unmistakable. Tube lights with different colors are often called “neon”, however, they use other novel gases or fluorescent lighting colors.

The original neon signs were made of glass tubes with a specific shape and filled with gas. They are mounted on glass boards.

What are The Neonist neon signs?

PVC is the material used for Neonist signs. It is flexible and strong. The LED light, which is safer and more energy-efficient than traditional neon tubes and gas-filled tubes, makes the electrical and colorful portions of the sign.

Glass Neon Signs Versus LED Signs – Side-by-side comparison

Energy Consumption: LED lighting consumes significantly less energy than glass neons and can be used for as long as 50,000 hours. This means that LED lights can last as long as six years if they are on for 24 hours every day.

The LED light can be extended if the sign brightness is dimmed. Neons, on the other hand, can take longer to switch on LED lights. Glass neons require significantly more electricity so you will have to spend more on electricity.

Safety – LED signs are far safer! Safety hazards can exist for legacy neon signs made of glass. If neon is broken, there is always the danger of gas leaks.

LED neon signs can be used in any environment, including the home. They are not susceptible to heat. Use the neon sign as a wall or bedroom sign. The acrylic board mounts the new neon sign, which is lighter than the traditional glass board.

The flexibility to use: Glass signs cannot be moved from one place to the next once they are fixed to a surface. The LED neon light sign allows you to pick where to put them and where to enjoy them.

The LED new neon sign is easily visible outdoors.

The LED neon signs have a remote and dimmer which allow you to control the brightness levels and lighting modes. Glass neon signs can’t be dimmed, or made to flicker.

Creativity The LED neon signs can be remade in almost any design you want, unlike glass neon signs.

Noise: Glass neons can buzz and hum, unlike LED signs.

The life span of a glass neon lamp is approximately 2 years. They lose their brightness (and become sadder) over the next one to two-year period. Also, it takes much longer for them to turn on. LED signs can last up to six years!

As neon geeks, it is a great privilege to live in times of rapid technological advancement that allow us to have both our cake and our cake. We can still enjoy the nostalgic feeling of neons in the ’80s, but in a safer, more creative, and cheaper way.

We invite all to join us in unleashing our creativity with neon signs. Perhaps you have a favorite quote or artwork that you want to display on your walls.

With us, you can create your custom neon sign. Find inspiration, express your creativity, and bring your ideas to life.

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