A Comprehensive Guide to the Pricing of Various Building Sign Options

When you’re in the market for the perfect new business sign, don’t be surprised to see prices that range between hundreds of dollars for an ordinary outdoor sign up to tens of thousands for a huge-scale sign that is hung high above the ground.

We’d like to make sure you pick an appropriate sign that is within your budget and delivers amazing results promoting your business. Let’s examine the factors that lead to wide differences in building sign prices.

Four Factors That Affect Building Cost of Signage

Learn more about four factors that could affect the final price of your business sign, the different options for signs, and the reasons National Signs is the best choice for providing eye-catching, long-lasting sign solutions.

1. Type of Sign

All signs for business have a specific reason for being there, whether it’s to display your business name and logo on the property, provide various messages and important information to visitors or assist them in navigating your business’s premises. They are among the most sought-after types of business signs:

Every kind of business sign is made to fit the needs of your property. This will impact the cost you’ll have to have to pay.

For instance, a storefront sign is typically made of durable aluminum, and acrylic panels, as well as internal lights. wayfinding signage for posts and panels is usually constructed of steel posts and painted panels.

2. Sign Complexity

Costs for signs can vary according to the degree of complexity required for your outdoor signage. A simple signboard made of metal with your company’s name and logo on the outside of your building is much more affordable than a large LED screen that is mounted on top of a high roadside sign.

Costs will rise if you need lighted signs for your storefront or large-scale letters or symbols for an eye-catching visually appealing display. Neon signs are designed and made to show the company’s slogan or motto in a fashionable style to draw positive social media interaction.

Sign design choices that are intricate or unique can help you distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors. Your business’s sign could even be a landmark people are looking for and want to be proud of.

Your school or business could design an attractive display of your brand’s logo or name using shadows or lights to create a provocative presentation. We can help you achieve the most bang for your buck making an impression!

3. Size of Sign

Your business sign costs can vary depending on how big you need it to be.

A typical storefront sign for your business using channel letters could vary from one to two feet for each letter based on the property’s owner or zoning restrictions on the property. But a large pylon outdoor sign that is several feet long can be placed 20 to 30 feet above the ground for maximum visibility in areas with high traffic.

Signs that are larger and more prominent need more materials. This includes the material used for the sign as well as support posts concrete bases, concrete bases lighting components, and electrical components. The price of your sign could increase when it features large-scale, unique textures or finishes that enhance the visual appeal.

Signs for large businesses also require an installation that is more professionally designed to ensure that the structure or support posts can handle the weight of bigger and more extensive LED neon signs. Simply put, the more expansive the signage, the more you can expect to pay for your company signage.

4. and Technology. and Technology

For your business sign to get the most attention you can, think about using the latest electronic sign technology with features like a light as well as an LED display. When you use lighted signs your business’s LED neon signs could be visible from further away at night or during daytime hours, even in adverse weather conditions.

It is possible to use LED displays to make an ongoing rotation of information for your business signs for example:

  • News and updates
  • Current sales or promotions
  • Upcoming events
  • Important messages
  • Data (temperature and date) that can be helpful

LED screens feature bold, visually captivating designs and colors to create an amazing visual effect at any time of the day. It also allows you to instantly update your messaging. Transitioning from bare signs made of acrylic or metal to LED or illuminated signs can be a significant financial investment. This investment can increase the visibility of your business by introducing new and innovative ways.

National Signs provides attractive prices for bold signs.

National Signs offers a wide range of beautiful and durable outdoor and indoor signs for your local needs.

We provide a comprehensive solution to all sign-making needs, which helps reduce your investment.

  • Award-winning sign design options.
  • Quality craftsmanship with signage manufactured in America.
  • Safe, professional service for installation of signs to ensure that signs are in good order and function according to the specifications.

Our sign design team will collaborate with you to create signs that will fulfill your requirements while staying within your budget for the building sign cost.

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