Crafting a Dazzling Showcase: 5 Expert Tips for Your LED Sign Display

You want the best LED signs for your business. LED signage offers a range of communication options and unique ideas, which is a big benefit over static signs.

Given that this technology is a relatively new evolution in the world of marketing, you may not have a clear understanding of all the things that LEDs are capable of and what you need to be focusing on to make sure that you get the most out of your LED display.

Here are five great tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about changing to LED signs.

5. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience’s needs is crucial to the success of any form of advertising. Choosing the right audience for your company is key to ensuring that you don’t lose your existing customers.

Typically LED signs are efficient for major highways and on roads. To design the best LED sign, it is important to consider traffic stops and speed limitations. To gauge the visual and timing of your signage it’s a good idea to perform “drive-by” testing. You’ll be able to get an understanding of your audience and can make improvements to your displays.

4. Get Your Message

The goal of all signs for businesses of all kinds is to spur your customers into taking action. Whether you are looking to draw more people through the door or inform your customers about upcoming deals and promotions they might be interested in, LED signage can assist in delivering the message better than traditional signage.

You will first need to determine a primary message. What is your number one element or the most important thing about your company? Try to craft a message that communicates the information in a straightforward, but powerful way. Make sure that the message is displayed at least once per minute on your sign. In doing so, you’ll be able to communicate directly to your audience and keep the right people entering your doors.

Be careful to not over-saturate your graphics with unnecessary details, as it could result in the opposite.

3. Be sure to create your signage in a professional manner

This might seem obvious, but many people might be unsure of the best way to create an LED sign, particularly if they’re unfamiliar with the fundamentals of graphic design. An attractive design is a key to a successful display, as you can see. A well-designed display will make your business stand out and draw more people to visit it.

After your designer has designed an amazing design, it’s crucial to confirm the design on the actual display. You or someone else who dictates must examine your LED sign every time a new design is shown. Seeing your sign and how the customers view it will give an important perspective and will ensure that you provide the best experience every time.

2. Utilize Your LED Sign’s Full-Motion Capability

Motion is the best method to ensure that your display is noticed. This is particularly important when your display it within a busy visual area. The good news is that LED neon signs are particularly adept at displaying full-motion images.

All LED neon signs can be equipped with simple animations and transition effects. Some can display videos in high definition. These features will help you grab your customers’ attention. These animations will grab your attention and the interest of your clients. Keep them engaged immediately by sending them a message.

1. Always update your sign’s message

The true beauty of LED signage is that they permit you to change your message based on new offers and incentives. This is why LED signage is more economical than traditional signs. Traditional signage is costly every time it has to be upgraded. This issue is solved by LED displays.

Keep this in mind whenever you launch a new offer, and ensure that your LED signage is regularly updated with new information. Although LED displays can be eye-catching and attractive however they are prone to becoming stale if they aren’t updated regularly. No one wants to see an expired offer displayed on their signage because it could make your company appear disorganized and out of touch.

Be sure that the LED sign software is accessible on the go in case of unexpected adjustments. If your software permits this, you can set an opening and closing date for each offer. After that, you can prepare these offers.

Bartush is the ideal option for you if want to make the switch to LED signs. For over 50 years, our team has designed innovative corporate displays. Bartush is the most respected company name in the field. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns or to discuss LED signage options for your company.

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