Straight Talk: 3 Smart Strategies for Preserving Your Neon Sign’s Lifespan

Another year has passed and yet another symbol was taken from the history books. It’s a common scenario that is generated by a dynamic attitude toward maintaining what was once great and pure around. The sign that made you smile throughout the years could make future generations more enthused about the beautiful pieces of glass and metal. You can save a neon sign by moving it inside your establishment or by giving it to a museum that has the right to maintain it for public display. If your enthusiasm for how wonderful the sign was once lost its appeal and you’ve been tempted to move forward, it could be time to think about trying some creative new tactics that can assist you in finding a way to save the neon sign. Find out three innovative ways you can save a neon sign more effectively than you thought that was possible.

1. Document

Searches for neon signs are up more than 300 percent on Google as folks are looking for neon-inspo. What happens is that you start with a neon sign, and make a plan for treatment. These outlines are a great option for funding agencies, municipal offices, or historic societies. They can save a lot of time and simply take a photograph of the sign’s elevation as well as its current status. Are you still not convinced? Begin by looking at the building’s age, construction’s age and the materials. Then, add the number of transformers needed to make a list that can be quantified. This will help you determine the maximum they’ll ever need to keep the sign in some capacity.

2. Host your own personal challenge

Create your own “save neon signs” challenge. Group boards and private Facebook pages are an excellent option to get all sorts of positive energy from your family and friends with similar interests in saving signs. If you are unable to find a community that excites you, why don’t you create one? You can share pictures of signs in danger of removal, or announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to support the sign you want to see, such as with Kickstarter, and gather documents from the past to tell a compelling story.

3. Find New Sign-Saving Tips

The internet is filled with creative ideas for saving signs. Small business agencies and local city planners can help in the restoration of neon signs. Use the National Park Service, Secretary of Interior’s Standards (Standards) to get direction. The 1991 Preservation Brief No. The 1991 Preservation Brief no. 25 will provide details about the particulars of historic signs as well as best practices and provide details on the kinds of regulations that might exist.

If all of this seems overwhelming, get informed and contact a sign preservationist. Here are just a few suggestions to be able to provide additional information, support for research as well as general guidance.

  • American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, OH
  • Museum of Neon Art (MONA), Glendale, CA
  • Ignite Sign Art Museum, Tucson, AZ
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