Upgrading Your Signage: A Guide to Retrofitting Old Signs

You might consider retrofitting your sign to use LED lights. Modern technology and dynamic parts are efficient and cost-effective. Your business will be able to attract more customers by displaying new signs which last longer and conserve energy over time. For businesses with outdated, damaged signs might find retrofitting to be the best solution. In this Article Why […]

Why Faux Neon Signs Are the Perfect Way to Showcase Your Logo

BRAND AWARENESS A neon logo can be a great way to increase brand awareness. Strong branding and a great logo can have many benefits. They will help you connect with new audiences, stand out from your competitors and reflect your brand values and goals. Good logos are easy to remember. PORTABLE Our faux neon signs […]

A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers: LED NEON Lights

So you have chosen to live in a bright and colorful world. Before we get going, it’s great to meet you. We are NEONIST international manufacturer of LED neon signs. We have been helping to brighten the world for six years. Most of our business activities revolve around the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Hong […]


Background Neon signs are made of glass tubes filled with gas, bent into letters or other forms. When a high-voltage electrical current passes through the tubes, they emit light. Although these signs were initially made of neon gas, other gases are also possible. The combination of the various tints and phosphor coatings placed on the […]