Illuminate Your Space: Unique Bedroom Neon Signs

Nothing personalizes a space quite like the radiant glow of neon. If you’re in search of some distinctive ways to add character to your sleeping quarters, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll discover some unique Bedroom Neon Signs that promise to elevate your room’s aesthetic while offering a fun, vibrant appeal. Bringing Stories to […]

Neon Sign 101: Understanding Energy Costs

When it comes to the luminous world of neon signs, understanding the intricacies behind their operation might seem overwhelming. Fear not, I’m here to guide you through the financial implications of lighting up a neon wonder. A Radiant Enigma: The Power Behind Neon Signs Neon signs, with their captivating glow and intriguing aesthetics, are indeed […]

Illuminating Your World: A Guide to Japanese Neon Signs

Hey there, Neon Light Enthusiasts! Today, we’re setting our sights on the land of the rising sun – Japan – a country globally renowned for its fascinating mix of tradition and technology. Among the things that capture this paradox are the mesmerizing neon signs that light up its city streets when dusk falls. But did […]

A foodful History about Neon lights

As you drive through LA you will be greeted by impressive neon signs, like the Angel City Brewery sign that is located in Los Angeles Art District. Dave’s Signs was responsible for creating it. It’s been more than 100 year since these signs were created. Let’s go back in history to learn more about neon lights. Transform your […]

How can we not love neon lights?

The George Claude process of air liquefaction was another innovation that resulted in the invention of neon lamps. His invention of a process that allows gasses to be converted to liquid through cooling and reheating enabled him to make large quantities of pure neon. This noble chemical was discovered years before and had unique characteristics when exposed to electricity. But, due to […]

Love Neon is Easy

Another innovation that led to the invention of the neon lamp is George Claude’s process for air liquefaction. He developed a method that allowed gasses to be made liquid by cooling them and then heating them. This enabled him to produce large amounts of pure neon. The noble gas was discovered many years ago and displayed unique properties when exposed to […]