NEON: 5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know

Our planet is comprised of a variety of elements. All things around you are made up of liquids, solids, and gases. Scientists developed the Table of Elements, which they call the Periodic Table, to keep an eye on all of these elements.

Quick facts about neon

1. Neon is a noble gas. It’s colorless and doesn’t have a smell.

Neon is an uncolored, odorless gas that can’t be altered in any way. It’s one of the noble gases that doesn’t usually react to any substance. Certain elements, such as Neon also referred to as inert gas, cannot be combined with any chemical substance.

2. Neon shines in a reddish-orange hue when put in the tube.

Other types of gases produce a particular color you see in the neon signals.

3. Neon is among the rare elements on Earth.

There is no reason why stars cannot easily shine through the night sky. The stars are where neon is mostly found. Neon is the 5th most abundant element in the universe. It can be costly because it is scarce on Earth.

4. In 1898 in 1898, Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers discovered Neon.

To find new elements, scientists started cooling the air until it changed into a liquid. They then warm the liquid until they emit various gases. While they were catching the gasses, one of them was discovered to be neon.

5. Neon is commonly utilized in neon signs which are lights that make use of neon.

Neon is still a mystery to scientists when it comes to its applications. As of now, its most common application is with neon light sources. The theory for LED neon signs was first proposed in 1675. There are around 150 color options for neon lights at present. Nearly every color, except red, is caused by elements such as argon mercury, and phosphor.

Neon lighting was a major cultural phenomenon in America back in the late 1940s. Nearly every city in the state had neon-lit signs. New York City’s Times Square was well-known for its neon excesses.

Are you thinking of bringing LED neon signs colors to your business or home? 

Pros and Cons of LED Neon vs. Glass Neon Signs: Making the Best Choice

Welcome to the blog of The Neonist! If you are reading this article, then you most likely love neon. Electric colors and vibes are making a comeback, having been around since the 1980s.

Oh! We would illuminate the whole planet with neons, if only! The world could be made kinder, more cheerful, and more fun by all this coolness. We are not discouraged and are continuing to move toward our mission of spreading neon joy throughout the world.

We want to tell you today a little more about LED neon signs (or “cool” neon signs), what they are and how they are different than traditional neons, as well as why this is such great news.

What does LED stand for?

LED, or a Light-Emitting Diode, is a relatively young lighting technology. It offers many benefits over traditional light sources such as lower energy consumption. Longer life expectancy, higher physical toughness, smaller size, and faster switching. LED signs are becoming more popular than traditional neons because they can be used faster and consume less energy.

What Is Neon?

Neon is an unusual gas. It is used to fill the tubes that hold original glass signs, from the ’80s up until today.

Neon gas produces a bright, reddish-orange light that is unmistakable. Tube lights with different colors are often called “neon”, however, they use other novel gases or fluorescent lighting colors.

The original neon signs were made of glass tubes with a specific shape and filled with gas. They are mounted on glass boards.

What are The Neonist neon signs?

PVC is the material used for Neonist signs. It is flexible and strong. The LED light, which is safer and more energy-efficient than traditional neon tubes and gas-filled tubes, makes the electrical and colorful portions of the sign.

Glass Neon Signs Versus LED Signs – Side-by-side comparison

Energy Consumption: LED lighting consumes significantly less energy than glass neons and can be used for as long as 50,000 hours. This means that LED lights can last as long as six years if they are on for 24 hours every day.

The LED light can be extended if the sign brightness is dimmed. Neons, on the other hand, can take longer to switch on LED lights. Glass neons require significantly more electricity so you will have to spend more on electricity.

Safety – LED signs are far safer! Safety hazards can exist for legacy neon signs made of glass. If neon is broken, there is always the danger of gas leaks.

LED neon signs can be used in any environment, including the home. They are not susceptible to heat. Use the neon sign as a wall or bedroom sign. The acrylic board mounts the new neon sign, which is lighter than the traditional glass board.

The flexibility to use: Glass signs cannot be moved from one place to the next once they are fixed to a surface. The LED neon light sign allows you to pick where to put them and where to enjoy them.

The LED new neon sign is easily visible outdoors.

The LED neon signs have a remote and dimmer which allow you to control the brightness levels and lighting modes. Glass neon signs can’t be dimmed, or made to flicker.

Creativity The LED neon signs can be remade in almost any design you want, unlike glass neon signs.

Noise: Glass neons can buzz and hum, unlike LED signs.

The life span of a glass neon lamp is approximately 2 years. They lose their brightness (and become sadder) over the next one to two-year period. Also, it takes much longer for them to turn on. LED signs can last up to six years!

As neon geeks, it is a great privilege to live in times of rapid technological advancement that allow us to have both our cake and our cake. We can still enjoy the nostalgic feeling of neons in the ’80s, but in a safer, more creative, and cheaper way.

We invite all to join us in unleashing our creativity with neon signs. Perhaps you have a favorite quote or artwork that you want to display on your walls.

With us, you can create your custom neon sign. Find inspiration, express your creativity, and bring your ideas to life.

Illuminate Your Knowledge: 3 Smart Strategies for Restoring Neon Signs

Since the outbreak, we’ve been advocates of more custom neon signs. After talking with other artists in our pod, we’ve compiled a “best” list to help anyone who wants to attempt bending glass. This new field of learning is exciting because it has the potential to transform market trends and create new income streams for creatives. Although the trade is not difficult, making neon signs can be confusing. Let’s take a look at how to make neon signs and what our favorite options are for learning awesomeness.

Enrol in a Course

First, let us talk about the reasons you might be interested. In essence, custom neon signs involve combining many techniques and skills (which can require both time and effort — think hot glasses, bombarding, and other pattern-making methods) in one way or another. You can learn from someone who can eventually guide you. We love the impact that finding a course can have on a person’s life. These are our favorite things about neon.

A Book

Custom Neon signs are not easy to create. It can make it easier for you, your staff, and buyers to understand the importance of a welcoming arch. Understanding how to add electrodes and noble gases as well as how to anneal tubes vital for ensuring neon glass emits light is a reality. Find out more about neon sign making by reading these books. Happy reading!

  • The Neon Engineers notebook: a practical guide to optimizing the work environment. This book contains ideas and tips to optimize your machinery and yourself so that you produce the best work possible. These chapters are about glasswork and show how to improve your bending skills, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional.
  • Neon Techniques (formerly Neon Techniques Handling): this manual has taught thousands how to make neon signs. Neon techniques, authored by an expert in neon, were last updated in 1997. The book includes everything you need to design, manufacture, troubleshoot, and repair neon signs.
  • Neon Superguide Complete How To Handbook: the book succeeds the Neon Principles Workbook. This handbook is 216 pages and combines previous guides with new illustrations and text.


An internship can be a great way for you to experience the job of a neon sign worker. Many shops lack the resources or may be reluctant to hire more staff, especially those who don’t possess the required skills. But, many neon sign companies need someone who has practical experience in the field. Interns will have the opportunity to meet people. Make connections and attend every after-hours meeting. If you find yourself enjoying your work, it can give you validation and help you determine the skills you will need going forward.

Are you just beginning to explore the world of neon signs? Tweet @MondoNeon with your thoughts.

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

1. Document

Google searches are increasing by nearly 300 percent for neon signs, as people seek neon inspiration. It’s simple. You start with a sign and create a plan. These outlines are very popular with funding agencies, historical societies, and city offices. It is easy to save time by taking a picture showing the sign’s elevation as well as the building’s current status. Don’t believe me? Think about starting with the materials, age, and construction. Following that up with the number of transformers will yield a list of materials that you can quantify. It will tell them how much they’ll need to save in some capacity.

2. Host Your Challenge

Your own “save a neon sign” challenge. Group boards or private Facebook pages are great ways to gather positive vibes and support from your friends and family. If you are unable to find a community that excites you, why not make one? It’s possible to share photos of signs at-risk, announce a crowdfunding effort for a particular neon signal, and gather information from the past in order to build a compelling story.

3. Get new sign-saving ideas

There are many options on the internet to save signs. You can get help from local agencies and city planning to restore neon signs. For direction, consult the National Park Service’s Standards (Standards), Secretary of Interior. The 1991 Preservation Brief No. 25 covers the details of historic signs, and best practices, and gives you information on what regulations may be in place.

If all of this seems overwhelming to you, be resourceful and get in touch with a sign preservationist. Here are some suggestions to help you get more information, advice, and research support.

  • American Sign Museum Cincinnati, OH
  • Glendale (CA) Museum of Neon Art
  • Ignite Sign Art Museum, Tucson, AZ

The Top 9 Advantages of Incorporating Neon Signs into Your Business Marketing Strategy in 2023

Using LED neon signs or lights to promote your business can provide many benefits. This perk is best for people in business marketing. Since 1960, neon signs have been popular and practical. Keep reading to discover why and how they can be used.

1. It is practical, energy-efficient, and practical

Are you an environmentally-conscious person? If you have the right company, and the right quality lights, you can cut down on your energy consumption while looking trendy and competitive. Neon is 50% to 60% cheaper than other signs and it feels cool to the touch! Because of its special bulbs and LED technology, you won’t burn yourself or your fingers. It’s safe, efficient, and affordable.

2. Quite durable

Source: neon. sg

Did you realize that a lightbulb’s lifespan averages around six months? Some bulbs last longer than others. However, finding the “right” bulb can be time-consuming due to endless trials and errors in different stores and markets. Neon lights and neon signs are durable enough to last for up to 10 years. The wiring system and wear-off time will cause them to fail, but there won’t be any issues. Some neons can be used in adverse weather conditions or even extreme rain/snow. How many regular bulbs can you think of that are capable?

3. Simple to use and so versatile

Another reason neon is so well-liked is its simplicity and versatility. You’ll see neon signs in many larger cities, including Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. These cities want to grab your attention, making their brand stand apart from the rest. You can personalize your ad to use the light in any way you prefer. There are many different types of light on offer, and the right seller can customize the light to suit your needs.

4. They are eco-friendly

Neo neon lights are eco-friendly but still, maintain an energy-efficient vibe. This gadget is very practical and easy to use. Even the most basic toaster uses 100x more energy than one neon sign. Neons will be a big hit if your company is serious about being green and doesn’t want unnecessary energy.

5. Beautiful & attention-seeking design

These neon signs look amazing and are a great way to show your love for neon. They look stylish and modern while still being bright and shiny. Their versatility is great for smaller and larger offices or businesses. The signs can be used for lighting up the room, or you can place a standout advertisement in the open. You can enhance or modify the exterior design, or even place a billboard featuring your unique touch of color and light.

6. Helps with mood swings and lightens the night


Did you realize that the human eye naturally draws to light? Not only that, but it can also help you boost your mood The natural tendency of everyone to gravitate towards light is for them to feel encouraged and happy. If you look at its bright reflection + include a positive message, you’ll be able to grab the attention of everyone and get the word out about your business quickly.

7. High visibility

As we stated,custom neon signs are brightly lit and will catch your attention. People will easily spot them and think that you are someone who has put in a lot of time and care for their business. You will be perceived as someone who cares and knows that first impressions count. This sign will be useful, especially for small businesses looking to improve their office.

8. You can customize your design however you like

Because they are customizable, many people love neon signs. If you love color, and you want a custom design that reflects your brand’s image, logo, or motto, then a customizable solution is the best option. It is possible to choose any size, shape, or color. Do not choose to use stock photos or simple elements – you want to stand out!

9. Simple setup + long-lasting life

Last, but not least, they will last a lifetime and are easy to use. You can mount them on your wall or place them on top. It is easy to install without any tools. It’s not necessary to hire a contractor for a business makeover.

Where can you get the best lighting for your business?

Are you interested in a complete makeover of your office or a brand overhaul? Do you love bright neon signs and visible ads, or do you prefer them? this website has many options and customizable neon signs. You can also choose from multi-color neon signage or shop by collection. You will find the perfect sign for you! Fast delivery, free shipping, and a one-year warranty are all available. Let your business grow by finding the right sign or having it customized.

The performance of neon signs: an overview

Here are some technical details about neon signs.

  • How traditional neon works
  • You can change the color of the lighting or dimming function.
  • You can expect neon to deliver a variety of performances

We also provide information about alternatives to neon, such as LED acrylic neon lights (also known as “faux neon”) This is NeonPlus.

How do neon signs work

  1. Look closely at any neon sign to see a glass tube (or several tubes) that has been shaped into particular designs.
  2. An electrode is found at each end of the tube. One positive and one negative.
  3. There is a tiny amount of neon gas inside the tube. A noble gas, neon only undergoes a chemical reaction when it comes into direct contact with electricity. Otherwise, it just drifts through a tube without doing anything.
  4. If you apply an alternating voltage to the electrodes, the electricity creates enough power for the neon tubes to separate. Some electrons may be dissolved to create positively charged ions. They then fly towards a negative electrode.
  5. The free electrons have an electric charge and are drawn towards a positive electrode at the end of the tube.
  6. As the electrons, ions, and neon atoms bounce around the tube they collide, increasing energy.
  7. The photon (particle light) is released when the ionized Atoms are able to recapture their electrons, allowing them to return to their original energy level.
    The sign’s electricity supply can be cut off to restore its normal inert status.

Can neon signs perform different lighting functions?

Color changing

Colors can’t be changed by traditional neon signs

A neon lamp is capable of producing only reddish-orange light when charged with an electrical current. It won’t glow green or blue, however.

It depends on how much electricity is running through the tube to make it turn a particular shade of red or orange. Read How neon signs function above.

A sign that glows in multiple colors requires the use of different gases. Different gases react differently to electricity. In a glass tube, you can combine them with neon.

The table below shows the gases that produce what colors.

LED neon signs CAN change color

There are two main methods LED neon signs such NeonPlus(r), like NeonPlus(r), may change color.


First, and most commonly, an RGB (red and green, and blue LED chip) is used. This chip has three small diodes inside, one of each color. To achieve a wide variety of colors, connect an RGB controller.

Digital LED

This uses the same red, green, and blue LED diodes in an LED chip. However, each LED can be controlled individually by the driver chip attached to the chip. Because controllers have more advanced features, they can create complex patterns and designs.


Traditional neon

A traditional neon sign can be dimmed, but you’ll need to use a dimmable transistor that is sized according to the current and voltage.

The neon signs need high voltage and low current to operate, so make sure you get a transformer that matches these requirements. DO NOT USE an off-the-shelf lamp dimmer. These only regulate voltage and not current. These could cause fire or serious damage.

Be aware that you can’t dim the neon light completely. You’ll likely get around 10% brightness.

LED neon

There are two ways to dim the LED neon sign NeonPlus(r),

Low-voltage rotary and digital dimmer

These controllers have a low-voltage wire and reduce voltage coming from power supply units (PSUs) to the LED.

Dimmable power supply Unit (PSU).

A TRIAC rotary dimmer can be attached to one of these leads to reduce the voltage in the PSU. This in turn reduces the PSU’s output voltage and dims lights.

This is a good choice if you wish to run the lighting through a system such as in a shopping center or theatre. There are many options for dimmable PSUs. Their use will vary depending on the circumstance, but they can control the light in the general same way.

Both the above options let you dim the LED down to 0%. The light is still consistent, however, and there’s no flickering.

Are there problems with how neon signs work?

Do they die?

The most common problem with neon signs is burnout. A sign can stop glowing entirely or in part. This is usually due to one (or several) of the following:

  • High-voltage wiring can cause wires to burn out. This is most common with neon glass tubes and high-voltage cables. If they get too hot, they can melt and cause the sign not to glow.
  • Transformers that fail–if the transformer that permits the neon sign to light up is damaged, the sign will not work.
  • Gas tubes fail–if either the electrodes or the glass tube’s end stop functioning properly, the tube can look dimmed/not lit at all.

With an LED neon sign, there is almost no risk that the sign will be returned to the manufacturer for repair work.

Do they get hotter?

How neon signs operate means that the energy from atoms or electrons colliding inside tubes can sometimes be seen as light, but also heat.

However, neon signs that have narrow tubes of glass should not emit heat so dangerously hot they are unsafe to touch. Neon signs shouldn’t cause burns or be considered dangerous.

Many manufacturers of neon signs cover the electrodes with rubber caps at each end of the tubing. These caps protect exposed wires from being damaged by water and also prevent people from touching or possibly burning them.

Are they potentially dangerous?

No. No.

Neon signs pose the most risk.

  • Noble gases – It’s believed they can be dangerous if they leak through damaged tubes. However, signs are made to warn you if this happens.
  • The glass tubes get hot – although they may emit some heat, it is not enough to ignite.

The custom neon signs of any other colour than red contain very little mercury. This poisonous substance is what gives them their unique color. There are measures in place to ban mercury in neon signs. If enforced, this would only apply to signs that are red, pink, or amber.

Neon signs have been around for many years and are now designed and manufactured with safety in mind.

How much electricity do they consume?

A neon sign is very energy efficient and uses far less power than one might think, considering how brightly it glows. Modern signs use as little electricity as 60W to 100W and are equipped with a transformer that can supply 240v power.

A typical LED neon sign will only consume 15%-20% power, while fluorescent and incandescent lamps will use considerably more.

What about their durability?

The life expectancy of traditional neon signs depends on how often they are used and how well they are maintained. The average neon sign will last between eight and fifteen years. However, some signs can continue to function for many more years.

Long-term exposure to an electrical surge can cause damage or shorten the life of a sign.

Does neon signage have to adhere to certain regulations?

Yes. All neon signs must meet BS EN50107. This British Standard outlines how luminous-discharge tube installations (such as neon lights) should be manufactured.

Also, custom neon signs must meet the requirements of IET Wiring regulations. Another British Standard known as BS 7671 sets out specifications for how such types of electrical installations should look.

You should always ensure that the sign you are purchasing has been properly marked and adhered to before you purchase it.

The legal obligation for businesses to perform regular fire-safety risk assessments and to take preventative measures to minimize the risks is a legal requirement. As part of any assessment, a neon sign would likely be checked but not considered to pose any risk in relation to causing a flame.

Are there any alternatives to using neon

Yes. LED neon sign, also known as fake neon, is the main alternative. It uses LED technology and replicates the look of traditional neon without any drawbacks.

Below, we will compare the pros & cons of LED and neon lighting.

Neon vs.LED neon

They generate light differently, which is the most significant difference.

Where neon relies on a chemical reaction between gases and an electrical current, with LEDs (light emitting diodes, in full) the reaction occurs when electrons pass through a semiconductor, which is typically a material known as aluminum-gallium-arsenide.

The LEDs used in signs are placed in close proximity so they produce a steady supply of light that is similar to the glow of neon gas inside a glass tube.

Upgrading Your Signage: A Guide to Retrofitting Old Signs

You might consider retrofitting your sign to use LED lights. Modern technology and dynamic parts are efficient and cost-effective. Your business will be able to attract more customers by displaying new signs which last longer and conserve energy over time. For businesses with outdated, damaged signs might find retrofitting to be the best solution.

In this Article

Why should you retrofit your sign using LED Lighting?

The sign in front of your business symbolizes your company’s style and reliability. A lot of businesses are beginning to retrofit signs located above their stores and on poles so that customers can see them. You can have better signs that last longer, attracts more customers, and retrofit fluorescent lights to LED neon signs.

LEDs have a higher efficiency than fluorescent light and can provide a reliable return on investment (ROI). They are cheaper to purchase and maintain and consume less energy, helping you reduce your monthly expenses. LED bulbs can last up to 10,000 hours in comparison to fluorescent bulbs which generally last for 8,000 hours. LEDs are more likely to burn out and can be readily observed even when an LED bulb is damaged or dimmed.

Retrofits with LEDs are especially beneficial at night, as customers are most likely to take notice of your sign. Unlit signs won’t catch the attention of many customers, while LED neon signs stand out among other businesses. Signs can be made using a variety of materials and  LED neon signs to create a vibrant, striking, and unique impact.

LED Retrofitting Sign Lighting Benefits

LED lighting is a great way to increase customer loyalty and draw in new customers. LED retrofitting has many advantages that include energy savings as well as better safety features. These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Improved lighting A lot of fluorescent lamps are multi-directional, and can be dimmed over time. However,  LED neon signs feature singular directional lighting that projects straight into the sky, creating efficient signage that gives a clear image.
  •  LED neon signs are easy to keep. They last for up to 50,000 hours and require little maintenance. Because they make signs easier to maintain Many businesses find that they reduce their amount of calls to service and realize an increase in their ROI when they upgrade their signs with LEDs.
  • Initial cost: Companies can lower their initial costs for changing signs to  LED neon signs by switching to them. When you consider the expense of time and materials together, it is worth it to convert to LEDs instead of fluorescent lights.
  • Energy savings: LEDs are very energy-efficient. They convert electricity to light “in as little as four months businesses can save money on energy and other expenses over time. While the cost of retrofitting LEDs could cause some companies to shy away from the change, the savings your company will reap in the next five to 10 years will far exceed it. Sign-Longevity and Maintenance CostsLED signs last longer than conventional signs and need less care. High-output fluorescent bulbs, for instance, lose brilliance and color with time. They are often constructed of glass, which can be easily damaged. Because these bulbs are also water-proof and high-voltage, there is always a potential for fire dangers.LED lights, on the other hand, are low maintenance and work using DC voltage. Your company will see an increase in costs for service over time and a rise in ROI. Does a Field Evaluation Have to Be Performed for Retrofitting? You might require approval from municipal authorities or authorities prior to retrofitting your sign to use LED lights. If you retrofit your sign according to the instructions and you are not required to do a field evaluation. An evaluation of the field is required if you’ve used non-certified retrofitting. Repairing, Retrofitting, Replacing — Which Is Best? Each option comes with pros and cons when it comes to replacing, retrofitting, or repairing the sign. The decision on which one is the best for your business will be contingent on the amount your company can afford and how much you would like to save in the future.RepairingRepairing signs could involve a new paint job or refastening it, replacing damaged letters, or designing individual pieces that update an area. Some of the advantages are Cost: It can be cheaper to repair and repair the sign to its original state. Simple solutions: A professional can quickly fix a faded or broken sign. A few of the cons are: Customers might be misled by a sign that has been repaired and ask if it’s under new management. Outdated signs: If your sign does not represent your company anymore You may have to replace it, rather than repair it.RetrofittingRetrofitting your signage with LEDs is a low-cost, energy-efficient option that can help them appear more vibrant each day. While saving money on energy bills, your message is memorable and will attract many customers to your business. Some of the benefits include Lower energy bills:  LED neon signs use less energy and can help you save money over time. Few bulb replacements: LED lights are durable and require less maintenance than other
    • lighting.
    A few of the cons are:
    • Lighting limitations: Some signs may not have the necessary arrangement for  LED neon signs that are new.Limitless update potential: Signs in poor condition may indicate that they need to be replaced.
    ReplacingMake sure you refresh your brand and gain new customers by installing a new sign. You should consider changing your sign if you think it has outdated information. This will allow you to advertise your company’s products to customers. Some pros include:
    • Opportunities to update: You have the possibility of including new services and products on your updated signs. Answering questions: Helping customers with the most frequently asked information.
    There are potential cons to changing your sign.
    • More time to wait: Completely replacing a sign takes time for the manufacturers to finish the product.
    • License restrictions: Some municipalities require separate licenses for the installation of new signs.

Neonza Studio: Your Go-To Destination for High-Quality Neon Signs in India

The best-LED neon signs on the market today are very durable. Customers have concerns about the durability of custom LED neon signs and how they will live in the environment where they will use them. What good is buying custom neon signs if the sign breaks before it leaves the packaging? The following points can be used to check the durability of NeonsignIndia.

1. You are safe

  • Neonza LED Neon signage can also be safely handled. LED Neon signage has a lower impact than traditional neon signage. It will not shatter and can cut you on the impact.
  • Our signs also meet international requirements and comply with local standards.
  • Neonza has designed a unique polymer tube for their LED Neon sign that can be bent and turned to avoid it snapping.
  • The LED Neon’s glossy surface resists scratching and breaking, so light shines through it with no interference.
  • This flexibility allows us the freedom to design any design you may want. Our workshop staff can bend the LED neon into the shape you want, and then attach it with efficiency and professionalism to your backing board.
  • It is more difficult and more costly to change the shape of glass tubing than with traditional glass Neon. Because it needs to be heated, modifications cannot be made.
  • The traditional glass Neon isn’t as strong as the Innovative Neon Flex. However, it’s also less durable than the Neon Flex.
  • The Neonza workshop team can waterproof LED Neon signs according to specific standards. LED Neon signs outside are required to have waterproofing. Rain can affect the LEDs inside.
  • It all depends on the situation and location of your neon sign. You may also be able to waterproof indoor signs that might come in direct contact with water.
  • We seal every opening in the LED Neon to make sure that water cannot enter the polymer tube.
  • Neonza studio will ensure your LED Neon sign remains lit no matter the weather conditions. Even in the rain, Neonza studio can help.

Signage Makeover: Tips and Tricks for Updating Your Business’ Visual Identity

Signage is one the most important aspects of attracting customers to your company. Therefore, it is crucial that your current signage looks professional, is functional, is energy efficient, and is attractive.

How can you refresh your business’ signs?


The best way to update signage is to redesign your entire brand. This may seem like a daunting task, but it will help your business look professional and more attractive. You can experiment with different types of signage once you have rebranded.

Style changes

Neon and illuminated signage are the current trends. You want your signage to stand out and look amazing. Avoid board and vinyl printed signage. NeonExperts can help you rejuvenate and lighten your LED neon sign. We offer illuminated styles, which will make it look fresh and modern.

Transform of Colour

A sign’s colour is an important element. A LED neon sign that is too colorful can become child-like and tacky. However, a sign with enough colour may appear bland and unattractive. Your business’s messages should be matched to the color of your sign. White and cool blue are great choices for tech companies. Green is the color of nature and a green-friendly business is ideal for food and catering businesses. A fun, energetic atmosphere is evoked by the colours purple and pink. Experimenting with colours is important in order to determine which colors best fit your business.

You might find updating your signage daunting, but it really isn’t as hard as you think. Our designers will help you choose the right option for your situation, and at a very affordable price.

Why Faux Neon Signs Are the Perfect Way to Showcase Your Logo


A neon logo can be a great way to increase brand awareness. Strong branding and a great logo can have many benefits. They will help you connect with new audiences, stand out from your competitors and reflect your brand values and goals. Good logos are easy to remember.


Our faux neon signs are light which is one of their greatest assets. They are lightweight, making them easy to transport. A faux neon sign can be a great way to stand out among other businesses if your business is frequently on the road selling your products or promoting them at markets. You’ll be able to quickly and easily transport your sign from one location to another.


There are many design options for our faux neon signs. allows for more design freedom than traditional neon. This is one of the main reasons LED is so popular. Traditional neon is retro-inspired, but the design options are limited. Because they are made from glass tubes and must be bent, this is because of the limited designs. Faux neon signs can be made with LED flex, which comes in a variety of colors. You can create almost any design with LED flex.

They are SAFE

LED neon signs are also safer and last longer than traditional neon signs. Traditional neon signs are made with glass and inert gas, which means they pose a greater risk of breaking. LED neon signs, however, are more durable and heat-resistant than traditional neon.

They are instagrammable

The digital age is a time when first impressions are everything. It’s a simple way to stand out on social media by having your logo turned into faux neon signs. If you have a bakery, take photos of your cakes and other goodies in front of the LED neon signs. This will also help with digital brand awareness. Afflicting a faux neon sign on your business can encourage people to share it online.

Chelsea wanted a faux neon sign to go with her new salon. We were able to create a digital visual of her logo from it. After the design was approved, it was time to start manufacturing. Our CNC Machine cut the sign and then our skilled assembly team manufactured it. The sign is stunning and perfectly on-brand for Chelsea’s Salon.

A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers: LED NEON Lights

So you have chosen to live in a bright and colorful world.

Before we get going, it’s great to meet you. We are NEONIST international manufacturer of LED neon signs. We have been helping to brighten the world for six years. Most of our business activities revolve around the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong (“Land of the Neons”)

We opened a second studio in Tampa Florida, because “there’s no home like home” and wanted to share our expertise and the raw materials used worldwide with American consumers.

We’ve seen a lot more confusion and lack of understanding about LED neon sign. We decided to do what we are best at – dive into LED neon signs and their benefits to your business.

What is LED NEON exactly?


LED has many benefits over older lighting sources. Their energy consumption and lifespan are shorter, they are more durable and resilient, and their physical size and safety make them safer to touch. These are just some reasons why LED signs gained immense popularity recently. They are quickly becoming more popular and popular than the brightly lit glass neon signs.

NEON is an orange-red inert gasoline that fills glass tubes and shines when used with high-voltage electrical current. This technology has allowed different-shaped messages and letters to shine brightly since 1980.

The result is a nostalgic-looking neon sign made from a PVC hollow pipe and small LED lightbulbs. This type is called a LED NEON SIGN.

The Neighbors LED NEONIsn’t always greener


Like everything else, neon LED signs also come in a wide variety of qualities.

Practically speaking, you may find the same neon-colored LED design sold by different companies. However, there are price differences between them of hundreds of thousands or even thousands. Before you claim to have gotten a cheaper quote elsewhere and then you do, here are some important differences.

1. LIFESPAN-LED lightbulbs have a life expectancy of 1,000 hours. There are also LED lightbulbs with a life span of 60,000.
The NEONIST works with industrial-grade, neon. We offer signs with a minimum operating life of 50,000 hours. We do NOT use low-quality products.

2. BACKING – Professional neon LED signs use acrylic backing. However, signs made from cheaper materials will include backing made from polycarbonate and clear plastic.

3. WORK QUALITY: Neon signs are handmade by hand. It can be difficult to consistently produce customized products that are the same as one another, just like with handmade products. Products that are not carefully manufactured may have connectors full of glue, crooked words, electrical issues, which can affect the sign’s lifespan… or other problems.

4. WORK METHOD – There are currently two ways to make neon LED signs by hand:
First: Glue is used to attach LED pipes to an acrylic backing. This is the cheapest way, but amateur work can cause the design to be slanted or full of glue leftovers.
The second: cutting (What are we using) – The acrylics are cut with a CNC. The LED is then installed directly into the acrylic backing. This results in cleaner work, better precision, and uniform lighting.

5. STANDARDIZATION IS KEY! Safety permits and stamps by standards association stamps are crucial for every electrical appliance brought into your home or office. It is important to ensure that the LED as well as the transformer conforms to US standards. THE NEONIST meets stringent RoSH CE safety standards.

6. WARRANTY- Although no one wants to spend thousands on a product, there are many cases where a warranty is not included. Low-quality light bulbs, such as LEDs, can have a short life span. Neonist offers a full warranty for all electric parts for 24 months.